Why You’re Struggling to Find Your Passion

My dearest reader,

I want you to know one thing before we delve any further- it’s not just you. This is an incredibly common problem, especially among those who have dedicated many years of training, preparing, or working in a single field. They struggle to find their passion once they realize they are unhappy at work,

Highly Educated & Ambitious, Over-Achievers

I see it the most among highly educated professionals who went to school for many years. You develop tunnel vision and become keenly focused on this one thing.

I’m going to take a wild guess and say you excelled academically throughout all stages of school and chose to make it a priority.

You likely opted out of hobbies and extra-curricular activities. Especially if they didn’t look good on a resume for university/college.

You also likely struggle with anxiety and perfectionism now.

And once you were accepted into the program of your choice, you abandoned any remnants of your hobbies and interests.

Your education/training is intense and all-consuming.  You don’t have the time to do much else if you’re also to prioritize your own self-care, rest, and social life.

“Unrealistic” Dreams & The Starving Artist

There is another scenario I should mention and it often goes hand in hand with the above.

You may have grown up being told that any desire or fantasy you had could not be a real job with a decent income.

The arts and anything slightly creative were strictly frowned upon.

Serious, traditional careers only.

Otherwise, you would end up a starving artist. And if not specifically an artist, you would struggle financially either way.

And sometimes others didn’t have to tell you this, you would just tell yourself.

Especially if you were the practical, wise, responsible child.

This is a sneaky contributor to why you can’t find your passion.

Why This Path Becomes Problematic

I’ll give you the answer right away- because you are a multifaceted, diverse, unique human being with different interests and talents. Even if it doesn’t feel that way right now.

This means you have various different needs, many of which are currently unmet.

And all of this has been abandoned for the pursuit of your current career.

So, of course, you don’t know what else you could be doing.

Finding your passion becomes this obscure thing.

And of course, you can’t think of what you’d like to be doing, whether it’s for a side gig or an entire career change.

You have lost yourself in your career. It’s become a large part of your identity (don’t blame yourself, society encourages this).

It’s the first thing you would likely answer to the question: who are you?

At a social gathering or dinner party, you can’t think of anything else to talk about. Except for work, with colleagues.

But it becomes even more problematic, if at this point you aren’t already feeling numb and disconnected, when you realize you’re deeply unhappy and unfulfilled in this very career that has become the center point of your life.

Don’t Turn to Google to Find Your Passion

From this startling realization, you may panic and start googling alternative career options for ____(your job title)____.

But nothing seems appealing, you don’t have the relevant degrees or years of experience.

It all seems so complicated.

So you resign yourself to a lifetime of misery and feeling unsatisfied at work.

And you tell yourself you have no other interests or passions. This is it until retirement.

Well, I’m here today to tell you that you are wrong.

You have passions, you have interests, and you have other skills and talents that you may not be able to recollect at this moment.

But they are there. They exist.

You’ve just been driving down a single-lane highway for so long, you’ve forgotten to look around and take in the scenery.

The job now is to unearth everything you have buried when you declared to commit your entire life’s purpose to this single career or profession.

I’ll tell you how you can start to do that next week.

But my hope is that at least today, you’ll leave with a little more of an understanding of your current situation. This is why it’s been a struggle to find your passion.

Yasmin Bakhtiar, DMD

Yasmin Bakhtiar, DMD

I'm a life coach and dentist based in Toronto, Canada. I was trained by the Life Coach School and I work with healthcare professionals who feel lost and unfulfilled to get them back on the path to enjoying their lives and careers again. Raising the consciousness of the planet, one individual at a time.

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